How To Download HBO Max On LG Smart TV?

How To Download HBO Max On LG Smart TV?

It’s always exciting when we can watch our favorite movie at home with family and friends. HBO Max is my number 1 app on smart TV when about to watch epic movies, blockbusters, and addictive series such as Korean series.

If your LG TV is later than 2018 and the WebOS version is 4 then the HBO Max is available natively, you don’t need to download anything however if not installed yet, you can do:

1. Make sure the TV is on and connected to the internet.

2. On the LG TV remote control press the Home button and select LG content store.

3. In the LG content store navigate to the search button and enter “HBO Max” and download the app

Sign in to the HBO Max app

If you already have HBO Max app we recommend you enter the code displayed on your TV using your phone or computer.

1. From your phone using Chrome, navigate to

hbo max login from phone

2. Back to your LG TV and you should now able to watch movies from HBO Max

The steps here are about the same as login into your Youtube account on smart TV.

Why do people like HBO Max and what features they have?

You may have up to 5 profiles.

HBO Max will enable you to create up to five profiles, each of which may be distinguished by a different color.

Parental Controls are important.

You may build profiles for children that are personal to them. They will not only restrict the material that the youngster is exposed to, but they will also prevent the replay of specific kinds of programs and movies based on their classification.

To activate, you’ll need to create a PIN that will enable you to unlock or adjust the limitations as necessary.

Additionally, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney+; Hulu; Netflix; Paramount Plus; Peacock; SHOWTIME; and STARZ all provide parental control options of their own.

Up to three devices may be used at the same time.

When using HBO Max, you may watch content from up to three separate devices at the same time.

Offline Downloads is available

In comparison to HBO NOW, one significant enhancement is that HBO Max enables you to download your favorite series and movies on your tablet or mobile device. Every 30 days, you will be required to update your material.

The ability to download offline is not accessible to those who subscribe to HBO Max With Ads; thus, you will need to upgrade to HBO Max Ad-Free Tier in order to be able to download offline.

Accessibility on a global scale

HBO Max does not enable access to the service outside of the United States in most areas, but you will be able to view offline downloads if you live in one of those markets.

I hope this article is clear enough for you to understand how to download HBO Max on LG Smart TV.

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