How To Install Amazon Smart Thermostat?

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hi one hour smart home here and today

we’re going to show you how to install

an amazon smart thermostat it’s a wi-fi

smart thermostat that allows you to

control it from your phone now one

important thing to note before you get

started installing this amazon smart

thermostat is that it does require a

common wire or a common wire adapter in

order to get this installed we’ve got a

whole bunch of resources down below in

the description that show you how to

install a common wire and that’s going

to work for this thermostat as well now

one quick way to check and see if you’ve

got a common wire is you take off the

cover plate here and you’re gonna look

and see if you’ve got a seat wire

terminal right here so we do have that

and we’re gonna be able to install this

without the need for an adapter but if

you need this adapter we’re going to

make another video that shows you how to

do this so check that description down

below as well

now before you get started installing

this what you want to do is you really

want to make sure that you’ve got it up

in your hvac system is running so i

usually turn this up or down and then

you’ve got your hvac system running and

then you need to shut the power off so

to shut the power off the reason i turn

this on is so that i can go down to my

circuit breaker in here when the hvac

system turns off so usually you can do

that at your circuit breaker or

sometimes you’re going to have a switch

near your hvac system to turn the power

off so go downstairs or upstairs or

wherever your hvc system is located and

make sure that it’s running and then

turn the power off so you hear that

system stop so we’re gonna go do that

right now

all right we shut the power off to our

existing hvac system so we can take this

front cover off and if you’re having

trouble getting the cover off a lot of

times you want to check at the top or

the bottom of the cover and uh even the

sides as well and usually you’re going

to find some kind of indentation you can

push down on or up on and that’s going

to allow you to remove that cover now

once you’ve got this cover off you want

to slow down here for a second and you

want to make sure that you take a

picture so we’ve got all of our existing

wires here and you want to take a

picture of what you’ve got going on and

then you can also make sure that you

label these with the provided labels so

what we have here is we’ve got our g

wire that is our fan wire g stands for

fan wire we’ve got a yellow wire that is

for air conditioning y is for your air

conditioning and we’ve got that y wire

right there we’ve got this red wire

right here and that is our power

our wire is the power wire and then

we’ve got this w wire right here that is

our heat wire and the last one is our

common wire now what’s important to note

is that these colors should match what

the terminals are so y for yellow g for

green r for red

white for w

and c comment that’s just going to blue

now that’s not always typical what’s

more important than color is that you

record whatever wire is in whatever

terminal and that’s because sometimes

when people are installing hvac systems

they don’t follow the convention for the

color of wires or maybe the bundle of

wires they got has different colors in

it so you want to make sure that more

importantly than matching up the colors

you take a picture of what is there

existing so that you’ve got it for when

you go install the new amazon smart

thermostat so now that we’ve taken a

picture and you’ve labeled these wires

with the provided labels and we’ve got

the power off we’re ready to remove the

terminals and the wires from each one of

these terminals so we’re just going to

use a screwdriver and take those out

we removed our g wire from the

g-terminal and we would label it now

next wire we’re going to remove is this

y wire that’s the yellow wire in that’s

our air conditioning wire and we would

label that now here we’ve got a jumper

between rc and rh which is very common

we’re going to remove that r wire that’s

the power wire or this red wire here and

we’re going to take that out and you can

just leave the jumper in there and not a

big deal the next wire we’re going to

remove is our wire and that’s our call

for heat or heat wire so we’re going to

remove that as well that white wire and

we would label that now and the last one

we’ve got here that’s our c wire this

blue wire over here and we’re going to

remove that now too

now that we’ve got all of our wires

removed we can remove the existing

thermostat back plate from our wall so

all we’re going to do is take the screws

out sometimes they’re going to be in

here sometimes they’ll be in another

part so we’re just going to use the

screwdriver and remove the existing wall

cover plate from the wall

now we’ve got the existing thermostat

removed in we’re ready to install the

new wall cover plate as well as the

terminal block for the amazon smart

thermostat now it’s important to note we

are showing you the instructions for how

to install an amazon smart thermostat

for a standard hvac system that has air

conditioning and heat so typically if

you’ve got a gas-fired furnace and an

air conditioner this is going to work

perfectly or if you just have heat only

or air conditioning only this is going

to be very similar you’re just going to

have fewer wires so you may not have

some of the wires which is not a big

deal now if you’re installing a heat

pump system or a dual fuel system you’re

going to have a little bit different

installation method so you’re going to

want to check our description below for

other videos when you’re installing a

dual fuel system you’re going to use

these r and rc terminals but for our

system we’re only going to use an r

terminal and for the heat pump you’re

going to have a wide variety of

different wiring so you want to make

sure that you follow a different set of

instructions if you are doing that so in

order to get this installed all we’re

going to do is slip the cover plate

right over and then we’re going to put

our terminal block on and they’ve got

three screws here but since we’re just

going to be installing this temporarily

i’m just going to put the top screw in

the existing hole and we’re going to

call that good

now that we’ve got the amazon smart

thermostat back plate and terminal block

installed we’re just going to take our

wires and put them into the appropriate

holes here so our g wire our green wire

is going to go in the g terminal so we

just press down on the terminal and

insert it so you press down on the

little side of the terminal block and

insert your wire and that’s our fan wire

and you want to make sure you use those

labels that you put on these earlier to

make sure you know where you’re putting

them in the right hole

so now we’re going to take our white

wire and we’re going to put it in the

white terminal just press down and slide

that in there we’ve got our r wire

that’s our power wire so we’re going to

take that and we’re going to put it in

the r terminal the top r terminal since

we have just a standard hvac system with

an air conditioner and a furnace so we

push down and we put our power wire in

that’s the red wire right there and

we’re good to go with that now we’ve got

two wires left we’ve got our y wire that

is for our air conditioner we’re going

to put that in the y terminal up here at

the top and you may have to place some

wire origami folding these wires around

so i push down i insert that y wire and

we’re good to go with that and then the

last one we’ve got here we’ve got our

blue wire that is our common wire which

is required for this installation unless

you are using the provided adapter or

the adapter that you can pick up uh in

addition to this so we’ll include a link

to that below as well

now we’re just going to take our last

wire our c wire the common wire and

we’re going to install it into that c

terminal push down and push that wire

into place there we go and now we’ve got

all of our wires in position here’s just

a little bit closer shot of our wires

and we’re just going to kind of fold

them in place as much as we can so that

we can get this cover on there we go we

were able to get it on it actually is

bent out a little bit so maybe i need to

fold some of these wires a little bit

better you might have to play around

with this for a second and sometimes you

got to kind of reroute and push wires in

to get it in there so now we’ve got that

a little bit better and i’m going to

push that in place and we should be good

to go with that right there and what we

need to do next is we’re going to put

our amazon thermostat on there and then

we can go turn the power on and get the

setup started in the app

so on the back of the amazon smart

thermostat you’ve got these pins and

they’re just going to line with the pins

here now you want to make sure you’ve

got the amazon arrow pointing up so this

goes up and you also see the notch here

that’s going to go up there at the top

so make sure you’ve got this right side

up and gently slide this in place and

right now we’re going to hold off on

turning the power on we’re going to go

to our app and start getting this set up

on the app and then once we’re to a

point where we can turn the power on

we’re going to go do that so let’s

switch over to the app if you haven’t

done so already download the amazon

alexa app on your phone and you can just

log in with your typical amazon account

and then you’re going to be able to

start getting this set up so let’s do

that right now

okay so here we are in the amazon alexa

app we logged in with our username and

password and we’re just at the home

screen here now in order to get the

amazon smart thermostat set up we’re

going to click on devices right here and

then we want to add a device so in the

upper right hand corner you’re going to

see this plus symbol we’re going to

click on that and then we’re going to

click on add a device and we’ve got a

whole bunch of different options here

but we’re adding a smart thermostat so

let’s go down here until we find

thermostat and then we’re going to click

on that so click right there and then it

says what brand is your thermostat we

are installing an amazon smart

thermostat it says has your new

thermostat been installed on the wall

already yes it has so we can click right

through that and it says is your

thermostats display on so ours is not

right now but since we’ve been prompted

we can go down and turn the power on

to our hvac system and then that set

display is going to show up on the

temperature so pause right now go down

to your hvac system turn that circuit

breaker back on or that switch back on

for your hvac system and then we’re

going to press yes here once that

display pops up so that we can add it to

our account so i’m going to do that

right now we just restored power to the

thermostat and you can see that it just

lit up which means we’re ready to go to

our phone because this is now powered up

our thermostat is currently on and the

display is currently showing set so

we’re going to click yes

it says let’s connect your new

thermostat to alexa click next

make sure you’ve got bluetooth camera

and location on so we have all of those

on we’re going to click next

it says locate the qr code for your

amazon thermostat so it’s on the back of

this little booklet here and if you just

turn it around there’s a qr code there

that you can scan so we’re going to

click scan barcode

we scan the qr code from the provided qr

code on the back of this

and this is the next screen that pops up

now it says connecting to your amazon


it’s connecting our amazon thermostat to

our wi-fi network here we need to enter

our wi-fi password

click continue

now it’s connecting to our amazon smart


our amazon thermostat is connected let’s

click next

now we need to say where our thermostat

is located so i’m just going to click

downstairs and click skip

now we need to click on the terminals

that we have connected so we have a y


we have a w wire

a g wire

a c wire

an r wire

that’s all five of our wires we click


that is correct

so click next

do we have a forced air system


what kind of furnace do you have

natural gas


it says test your new thermostat make

sure any other thermostats in your home

are off so the amazon smart thermostat

is the only one working

so let’s go back to our device and see

what happens

now we’re at the thermostat and you can

see it went from that set image to it

now displays the current temperature of

69 degrees

so we’re going to click next on the app

it says did your heat turn on

so right now you can see this little

heat logo and it’s going to 74. so i

just heard the hvac system turn on i’m

going to click yes the heat is on

now it’s going through the motions of

trying to test the fan you can see this

little fan logo and my fan is on so i’m

going to click yes the fan is on

it says choose how you want to control

your thermostat

alexa automatic control or a daily

schedule so i’m just going to click uh

let’s do a daily schedule for now and

click next and then turn on an energy

efficient schedule we’ll click next and

it says alexa needs more info setting

home away asleep temperatures reviewing

suggested home away and a sleep time so

we’re going to click next

so when we’re home let’s say we want our

uh temperature to be at 70 when we’re

gone 62 and we’re sleeping 62 is a

little cold for me i’m going to put that

to 65 and then i’m going to click next

the next screen that pops up is the

schedule screen and currently what it

shows is us waking up at 6am and then

going down to the away temperature when

we go to work at eight and then coming

back at six pm to that home temperature

at 70 degrees and then going to sleep at

10 pm at 65 degrees so that’s going to

work for me i’m just going to click next

but you could change any of those

numbers that you wanted here and then it

just says learn about your amazon smart

thermostat we’ll click next here

and now our thermostat is all ready so

we’re going to click done here

and here we are in the app we can

control it from the app so if i go up to

81 degrees there then you can see it

makes that change right here on the

device it shows this little fire logo

which means that it is currently heating

if i want to turn it down i can go like

this or i can turn it up and down using

these arrows right here now if i want to

change from heat to something else i

could go click cool down here and then

i’m going to be able to cool or turn on

my air conditioning so we just got to

give it a minute for it to load up and

then i can do the same thing i can

scroll down through the temperature here

we’re going to put it at 62. you can see

that the little logo there for a

snowflake pops up showing that we are

currently cooling and i can adjust the

temperature up or down using these

arrows right here now i can also go in

here and if i just want to turn it to

auto that means it’s going to turn it to

heating or cooling automatically based

on whatever my temperature preference is

so that’s really nice in

the cooling and heating seasons of

spring and fall where you may get a hot

day or a cold day

where you want it to automatically turn

on heat or automatically turn on cooling

so here you can set what is a range here

that you want your house to stay between

so at 73 the air conditioning would turn

on and at 67 the heat would turn on but

outside of those ranges it’s not going

to turn on so that’s great for the

spring or the fall depending where you

live maybe when you got the windows open

so that

you’re not using heating or air

conditioning during those milder times

and then if you want to click here you

can just turn it completely off

if you don’t want that to turn on at all

now let’s click back we’re just going to

put it on heat because that’s the

current season that we’ve got here and

you can also see it’s got a humidity and

then it says it’s going to maintain that

temperature until 6 pm based on our

schedule if we want to edit our schedule

we can go back in here and we’ve got a

couple different options

we can use a thermostat schedule that’s

in there or if we don’t want any

schedule at all we can turn that off so

that’s really easy if you just want to


the device to turn it up or down based

on whatever you’ve got here so you don’t

have to use a schedule if you don’t want

some people like to be able to just use

the numbers and that’s perfectly fine

now almost anything you can do on the

app you can do on the thermostat itself

you press this middle button and that’s

going to go through the different menu


now the pre warm and cool what that

means is that it’s going to turn on

ahead of time to get your temperature to

the exact temperature at the time you

have scheduled so let’s say you want it

exactly 70 degrees when you get home at

6 00 pm it’s going to turn on the hvac

system maybe 10 20 minutes in advance uh

so that it’s going to be pre-cooled or

preheated to that precise temperature

here you can change those preferred

temperatures that we had so uh the heat

mode cool mode and auto mode you can

change those right through here you just

click in here and then you click on any

one of these and you can adjust your

home away and sleep temperatures to

whatever you want we’re gonna go back

here and then you can click on the

schedule and we can go through any day

we want here and then click on the time

and then we can click on to change a

time so if we want it to be 3 am that’s

fine and we can also change it from home

or way to sleep or we can delete it

entirely so we’re just going to close

out of that and then you’ve got all your

different days here and if you wanted a

copy a day you could just click copy

schedule to another day real simple for

weekdays or weekends for that matter so

if we want to look and see some of our

other temperature settings in here we

can go up here and we can see uh the

name of the thermostat so right now it’s

named second thermostat i could change

that but you’re going to want to change

it to whatever you want to use for a

voice command to control this because

this does work with alex a which means

that you can use voice commands to turn

it up by saying alexa turn the heat to

45 degrees

but it works best when you use the name

of the thermostat so you would say alexa


downstairs thermostat 275 or alexa set

living room thermostat

to 272.

well you just heard alexa in the

background because i didn’t use the uh

proper terminology there so sorry about

that if yours went off now uh if you

click down here you’ve got fan control

you can turn it to auto or you can just

circulate air or you can leave it on so

that’s nice for days where you want to

circulate air throughout your house

you’ve got the schedule

our energy dashboard here we’re not

going to have anything in here yet

because we just set this up but it’s

real neat uh you can see how much energy

you’re using track it and then uh be

conscientious of that to maybe adjust

your habits and how you’re using energy

or saving energy as well as potentially

saving money with your energy usage and

being more aware of that

you’ve got your thermostat configuration

here uh you can go into more detail of

your temperature range temperature units

if you want to use celsius instead of

fahrenheit you can change the display

brightness here so you can click it from

active to inactive and we can turn that

all the way up it just uh will help you

have better brightness if you’re having

issues trying to see it

and you can also do the same thing for

inactive turn it all the way up and then

we’re going to click there and then we

can go back

to those settings and we’ve got our

wi-fi network information there if you

ever have to change that

your wire map your hvac type so not

anything really we need to change there

that’s pretty much what we’ve got for

this thermostat you can go down here and

look at your energy savings incentives

so some places depending on your utility

you can get incentives for installing

this and being part of an energy saving

program so you click here and you can go

through this and depending on your

provider you can potentially get a

rebate and or work with them on what’s

called a demand response program so

we’re going to click out of that that’s

specific to your area

here we’ve got our thermostat


air filters you can set up notifications

here if you want to be reminded every

couple months to replace your air filter

and it will notify you it gives you an

amazon recommended notification point

that’s kind of funny but i guess it

makes sense but uh you can go through

here and add extra supplies

say when you last replaced it and then

it’s going to give you a notification

every couple months based on when you

should be replacing that so that is

pretty much all we’ve got for how to set

up and install your amazon smart

thermostat if you enjoyed this video

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support us now if you have different

configurations of the amazon smart

thermostat please check in the

description below because we’re going to

have different configurations and go

through the videos of how to set up each

type of different configuration as well

as how to add a common wire for this or

how to install that common wire adapter

for the amazon smart thermostat so that

if you’ve got a different configuration

you can figure out how to set it up now

we also have videos that show how to add

a common wire to a nest thermostat and

it’s a very similar process you can use

that same process for the amazon smart

thermostat in order to get it set up

with a common wire so take a look at the

video links down below those should be


so thanks again for watching please

subscribe and we’ll see you next time

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