How To Set Up Ring Smart Light Bulbs?

The video from One Hour Smart Home Today is about to setup Ring smart light bulbs, and what is required before installing the smart bulb. We also provide with transcript and the timestamp in case you need the exact part of the video.

hi one hour smart home here and today

we’re going to show you how to set up a

ring smart light bulb so the ring smart

light bulbs require a ring bridge now

this ring bridge is also compatible with

other ring smart devices like ring smart

plugs or ring outdoor lighting and what

it allows you to do is remotely control

this light bulb through the ring bridge

on your app the same app as let’s say a

ring doorbell or ring security system

and then what’s really neat about it is

you can have your lights tied to your

security system and doorbell so when for

instance motion is detected the light

will come on so we’re going to get

started getting this ring bridge set up

first and then we’re going to get that

light bulb connected so we can control

it from our phone using wi-fi through

the bridge and this will work for any of

the ring smart lighting products that

require the bridge and or any of the

ring smart plugs that also require this

bridge so there’s landscape lights as

well and some outdoor lighting so we’ll

get this set up the first step is to

connect the ring bridge to the ring app

so if you haven’t done so already you’re

going to need to download the ring app

set up a user name and password and open

it up

so we’ve done that we created an account

on the ring app and what we’re going to

do is go in the upper left hand corner

on the menu button here and we’re going

to click on set up a device

now we’ve got some different options

here doorbells security cams

mailbox sensors and what we are setting

up is smart lighting so i’m going to

click this one right here

it says where would you like to set up

your ring product and if you don’t

already have a location input you’re

going to need to do that now and i’m

going to click continue

in order to get this set up there is a

qr code on the back so we’re going to

scan that qr code using the camera on

the phone right now

once the qr code is scanned this is the

next screen that pops up it says find a

nice spot for your new ring bridge

choose an area with strong wi-fi such as

the room that holds your router we’ve

got good wi-fi signal where we’re going

to install this so i’m going to click


it says plug in your bridge and wait for

it to power on so you’ve got the power

adapter that comes with the device just

plug that in and you’ve got a little

power port on the front of the device

and then it will power up

we plug the device in and you can see

there’s a blue light on here so i’m

going to click bridge is on

wait for the ring bridge to enter setup

mode when you see a blue light flashing

on your bridge continue to the next step

we’ve got a green light right now so

we’ll wait till we get that blue

it took about a minute for the ring

bridge to go from a flashing yellow

light to a flashing blue light after i

plugged it in so i could just click here

the blue light is flashing however if

you’re having issues with this and it

isn’t flashing blue you’re going to need

to use the setup button over here on the

side and put a paper clip in there and

then hold that down and it’s going to

get it to a blue flashing light so i’m

going to go back here and it says the

blue light is flashing and i’m just

going to move forward with the next step

but if you’re having issues click that

little button there with a paper clip or

something small that you can get in that

hole it says when prompted connect to

the ring wi-fi network i’m going to

click got it

now we select our ring device and it

will start connecting

scanning for available wi-fi networks

here we choose our wi-fi network

now we enter our password the ring

bridge is connecting to our wi-fi


the ring bridge connected to our wi-fi

network and was preparing for use now

it’s just updating the firmware so it

takes about 10 minutes don’t unplug your

ring bridge now and we’ll be back as

soon as the 10 minutes is up and the

software is updated

it took about 10 minutes for the ring

bridge to update

it says success

your ring bridge is now connected would

you like to set up another ring smart

lighting product so now we’re ready to

get our ring light bulb set up so i’m

going to click on set up ring smart

lighting it says scan the code on your

ring product so i’m just going to scan

the qr code that’s on the side of the

ring smart light bulb

so we were having a hard time to get the

code to scan so we’re going to click

setup without scanning and then we need

to select our device so we’re going to

scroll down until we find what we’re

selecting which is a a19

smart bulb so we’re going to click on

that right there and then we’re going to

click continue

now we need to enter the pin code on the


now we need to click got it

now we need to turn on our bluetooth

here it gives us a warning don’t install

your ring smart bulb in a fixture

featuring a motion or light sensor timer

or dimmer

if installing this bulb outdoors mount

it in a fixture that is protected from

water i’m going to click got it

looking for your a19 smart bulb so we’re

going to screw this in while we get it

set up

we screwed in our ring smart light bulb

and now we need to turn the power on so

that it can find the bulb

we’ve got the power on and then it will

start looking for the a19 or ring smart

light bulb because we’ve got the ring

bridge already set up in order to get

the ring smart light bulb installed and

set up you have to make sure that your

ring bridge is already set up working

and connected to the internet

okay it says installing an update so i’m

just gonna move the phone away from the

light bulb while we get this set up so

that we can better see what’s going on

it says your a19 smart bulb needs to

download the latest and greatest

software please sit tight while this

takes place

keep your phone close to the device

during this process we did

and now the light bulb just flashed on

and off which i assume means that the

update worked or that it’s resetting

while it’s doing the update so we’ll

hold tight while this gets updated and


it says learn about light grouping

ring lighting products work together in

groups this lets you control multiple

lights as one and have sets of lights

turn on or off when one of them detects


for more unlike grouping watch a video

above we’re going to skip for now

and then let’s give this a name we’re

going to call this one entry

and click done

and it says connecting your a19 smart

bulb to your ring bridge

it says get to know your new smart bulbs

now something to note is that sometimes

you’ll get an error message after the

update happens on your light bulb and it

won’t want to connect to the bridge what

needs to happen then is just turn off

your light bulb and then go back to the

screen where we clicked set up a new

device for when we started setting up

the light bulb and just turn the light

bulb back on sometimes when it updates

you just need to let the device reset

and turn itself back on and then it will

connect so if you’re having that issue

go back to the screen where we clicked

the plus symbol and then selected a

light bulb for setup and then turn on

and off your light and turn it back on

and leave it on and you should be able

to get it to work now we’re going to

click got it

now connected

your a19 smart bulb has been added to

the ring app i’m going to click i’m done

and let’s see if we can use this

click continue

if we want to create a schedule we can

do so but i’m just going to skip that

for now and it says refine your settings

anytime i’m going to click i’m done

so let’s see if our light is working


and we’ve got our entry light right here

so i’m going to turn that on and i’m

going to turn that off and you can see

that it turned on and it turned off

probably by the lighting that has

changed here but let’s get this right in

front of it so you can see what is

happening in real time

we can turn it on

and we can turn it off

now what’s really neat about these and i

think what the value proposition of this

light bulb is is that you could set it

on a schedule so that it turns on a

certain time of day and off at a certain

time of day but what i think is really

cool is that you can set this up to work

with your other ring devices like a ring

doorbell and automatically turn on when

motion is detected and that’s what’s

really neat is that you could have this

light bulb so that it turns on when

motion is detected so then it acts as a

motion activated light with your

doorbell but it also increases the value

of the footage that you’re getting with

your ring doorbell because it’s going to

have illumination so you’re going to be

able to see that better that footage

where it’s illuminated at night as well

as it could potentially scare someone

off thinking that uh the doorbell

triggered something and you turn that

light on so it’s also a deterrent if

someone’s at your front door that you

don’t want to be there this light bulb

could automatically turn on once it’s

connected to your smart doorbell like a

ring doorbell 4 or ring doorbell wired

pretty much any of the ring doorbell

lineup so let’s go ahead and take a look

at some of the settings in here with the

ring smart light bulb we can turn it on

and off in the app right here or turn it

off but you can also adjust the dimming

levels so this is a fully demoble light

now if you want to let’s make sure we

turn this one off while we’re doing this

if you want to look at your event

history you can click here and it’ll

show you when it was turned on and off

and all the different times that that

happened here you can click on schedules

and it says schedule your light bulb to

turn on and off at certain times of day

so if we click add a light schedule you

can put night time morning evening or

custom we’re just going to click out of

that it’s very intuitive to be able to

click that schedule and create one here

you’ve got your device health and it’s

going to tell you what’s going on if

it’s connected to your wi-fi bridge and

what the wi-fi signal is so we’re

getting good wi-fi through our bridge

and with the light bulb so we’re all set

there and then you’ve got this general

settings here you can change the device

name and you can create groups so if you

want to have multiple lights connected

together maybe you’ve got

several of these you could name it

outdoors and you could have all your

outdoors lights in one group and turn

them all on or off at the same time or

have them triggered at the same time

so that is how you set up your ring

smart light bulb we hope you enjoyed

this video please give us that thumbs up

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you want to support us thank you

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