How To Set Up Ring Smart Lighting Bridge?

How to Setup Ring Smart Lighting Bridge so you can use Ring smart bulb. We also attached the transcript with a timestamp so you can jump to a certain time if needed.

hi one hour smart home here and today

we’re going to show you how to set up a

ring bridge that works with ring smart

light bulbs ring smart plugs and ring

lighting devices on the ring app that

also works with ring doorbells and ring

security systems so let’s get started

the first step is to connect the ring

bridge to the ring app so if you haven’t

done so already you’re going to need to

download the ring app set up a user name

and password and open it up

so we’ve done that we created an account

on the ring app and what we’re going to

do is go in the upper left hand corner

on the menu button here and we’re going

to click on set up a device

now we’ve got some different options

here doorbells security cams

mailbox sensors and what we are setting

up is smart lighting so i’m going to

click this one right here

it says where would you like to set up

your ring product and if you don’t

already have a location input you’re

going to need to do that now and i’m

going to click continue

in order to get this set up there is a

qr code on the back so we’re going to

scan that qr code using the camera on

the phone right now

once the qr code is scanned this is the

next screen that pops up it says find a

nice spot for your new ring bridge

choose an area with strong wi-fi such as

the room that holds your router we’ve

got good wi-fi signal where we’re going

to install this so i’m going to click


it says plug in your bridge and wait for

it to power on so you’ve got the power

adapter that comes with the device just

plug that in and you’ve got a little

power port on the front of the device

and then it will power up

we plug the device in and you can see

there’s a blue light on here so i’m

going to click bridge is on

wait for the ring bridge to enter setup

mode when you see a blue light flashing

on your bridge continue to the next step

we’ve got a green light right now so

we’ll wait till we get that blue

it took about a minute for the ring

bridge to go from a flashing yellow

light to a flashing blue light after i

plugged it in so i could just click here

the blue light is flashing however if

you’re having issues with this and it

isn’t flashing blue you’re going to need

to use the setup button over here on the

side and put a paper clip in there and

then hold that down and it’s going to

get it to a blue flashing light

so i’m going to go back here and it says

the blue light is flashing and i’m just

going to move forward with the next step

but if you’re having issues click that

little button there with a paper clip or

something small that you can get in that

hole it says when prompted connect to

the ring wi-fi network i’m going to

click got it

now we select our ring device and it

will start connecting

scanning for available wi-fi networks

here we choose our wi-fi network

now we enter our password the ring

bridge is connecting to our wi-fi


the ring bridge connected to our wi-fi

network and was preparing for use now

it’s just updating the firmware so it

takes about 10 minutes don’t unplug your

ring bridge now and we’ll be back as

soon as the 10 minutes is up and the

software is updated

it took about 10 minutes for the ring

bridge to update it says success

your ring bridge is now connected would

you like to set up another ring smart

lighting product so if you want to set

up ring smart lighting like the light

bulb that we’ve got here you’re just

going to click the top option

otherwise you’re all set and your ring

bridge is connected and now you can set

up other ring smart devices like smart

plugs smart lighting or smart landscape


so thank you for watching this video on

how to set up your ring bridge if you

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