How To Update Apps On Samsung Smart TV?

How To Update Apps On Samsung Smart TV?

As the apps on our smart TV updated we need to install the newer version for the best result. The app’s maker usually updates the apps for new features or eliminates errors or other reasons. The video from Ricardo Gardener below shows us how to update apps on Samsung smart tv.

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in today’s tutorial guys i’ll show you

all two on your

samsung smart tv how to update your apps

now of course it’s not really

straightforward on these devices but

i’ll explain

how you can keep your apps up to date

all right so the first thing you want to

do guys is just go ahead

and you’re going to go over using your

uh remote

you know go over here to where it says

ups and once

all right so your app screen is going to

load as seen here and what you’re going

to do from here guys in order to

update your apps you’re going to go up

notice this icon

all the way up here that gear icon so

hit up on your um

remote until the user is highlighted and

go over to settings and as you can see


is highlighted go ahead and select all

right so once again here guys notice

over here you’re gonna see

automatic or auto update meaning

that apps will automatically update if

it’s off go ahead

as your senior and select so off would

mean that apps will not update by


but if it’s off word and turn it on it

should say on

as seen here now that will indicate that

apps will automatically update in this

way you don’t have to worry about them

they’ll actually go about updating

themselves fully

from here guys hit return once you have

returned here

let’s say you have a app that’s already

installed if you can find it here

either find it here and select let’s say

for example netflix

and select you’ll be brought to the

install screen

these are already installed but in most

cases if there’s an

update and it didn’t automatically

update right away

it should show here update instead of

open in most cases

but i said if automatic update is on you

don’t have to worry about this

it will do it itself another way for

other apps that you can find out here

to find them is to go back into the

section up there by going back into the

gear icon there

and of course select any of these here

let’s say it was up that you installed

but you’re not find it

um out on the screen there to simply go

all the way down on any app

that you want and go to view details it

will take you to

the option in the store to install and

of course if there’s a update it should

show up here but as i said

if automatic update is on you won’t have

to worry about the apps will

automatically update themselves

all right guys so basically absolutely

themselves so

once that option is on or you can try

updating anything manually

just in case one of them refuses to

update on time all right guys

all in the tutorial here as always

ricardo gardner from blogtechtip saying

bye until next time

bye guys


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