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Lockin SmartBox – The Ultimate Solution for Secure Key Storage

Are you tired of the hassle of managing multiple keys and worrying about losing them? Look no further than Lockin SmartBox! Our smart lock box is designed to make your life simpler and smarter. With its wall-mounted and over the door knob design, you can easily install it anywhere without the need to upgrade your existing door lock.

Lockin SmartBox offers you two types of pin codes – user-specified password and system random password. Whether it’s for daily use, one-time use, recurring visits, or exact date and time use, our lock box has got you covered. It also features a large internal cavity and removable key hook, which can hold multiple keys including car keys and house keys without any jamming or freezing.

durable design

Our lock box is made of premium quality SPCC metal material, making it durable and resistant to freezing, jamming, and scratching. We’ve tested it by hitting it with a hammer 10,000 times and it still functioned well. Lockin SmartBox also offers you remote access right from your pocket, allowing you to grant access to friends, family, and services.

large capacity

Control Lockin SmartBox via your phone remotely, set up your password, view activity logs, and easily extend to your home and its interior. With its large capacity, Lockin SmartBox can easily hold car keys, house keys, credit cards, IDs, small folded documents, and other pocket-sized belongings. Our smart lock box is incredibly durable and weatherproof, so you can use it inside your home or in outdoor settings in cold or hot environments.

low energy consumption

With its low energy consumption and spare power supply, Lockin SmartBox is perfect for daily use. Featuring an energy-saving chip, two AA alkaline batteries can last for one year of daily use. In case of low power shut-down state, our lock box also comes with an emergency power port, but make sure to use a USB-A to USB-C cable and NOT a lithium-ion battery.

Choose Lockin SmartBox today and experience the ultimate solution for secure key storage.

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