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How did we get our start?

As an amateur chef, Dimitry was passionate about sous vide and air-fryer cooking – the health, the ease, the deliciousness! Sousvide Art is his dream: precision cooking at home.

What makes our products unique?

Our products are reliable and high quality, but our engineering keeps costs low. Get the quality of an expensive brand for a great deal!

Why do we love what we do?

We love making home cooks into heroes. We deliver restaurant-quality results at home. Your tastebuds will notice better flavor and texture, and your body will welcome the proven health benefits.

COOK LIKE A CHEF, AT HOME: Create perfectly cooked meals with our superior precision-controlled Sous Vide immersion circulator that delivers incredibly tasty, juicy results without overcooking
ALL-IN-ONE STARTER SET INCLUDES: Stainless steel 1000 Watt SOUSVIDE ART Cooker with universal clamp to attach to any cookware. Additional accessories are 15 BPA-free reusable bags, vacuum seal pump, clips, clamps, and recipe book to inspire first-time Sous Vide beginners and culinary enthusiasts
WHAT YOU CAN COOK: With your SOUSVIDE ART Cooker, you have limitless cooking options – from chicken, fish, vegetables, egg, meat, beef, lamb, pork, and much more! Our superior technology lets you lock in flavor, retain more nutrients, and create tender, restaurant-style dishes right from your kitchen
HEALTHIER, TASTIER COOKING: Our premium Sous Vide technology preserves more nutrients and vitamins in your foods than other methods of cooking with no additional oils or fats required for flavoring. Plus, Sous Vide cooking is the meal prepper’s ultimate dream for batch cooking delicious, nutritious food
MESS-FREE & EASY TO CLEAN: Achieve chef-like results with half the effort and minimal monitoring with our precision-control technology that alerts you when your perfectly-cooked food is ready. Easily clean the pod and store your SOUSVIDE ART circulator in a drawer to keep your kitchen counter uncluttered

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