Sovenomund Dancing Ferrofluid Music Rhythm Lamp, The Perfect Companion To Your Music Sound

Cool Gadget #3 in this post is a ferrofluid lamp that will dance dynamically according to the music. This will not replace your speakers a.k.a. not producing any sound, this is good, because you still can use your favorite speakers / sound system for the perfect sound. However, it will produce visual entertainment to relax your feeling.

Ferrofluid is a liquid suspension composed of tiny particles of magnetic materials, and a type of magnetorheological material that can produce a strong magnetic field.

It can be used as a magnet, or a powerful magnet in some areas, such as in jewelry making, science experiments, etc.

It has many applications in the entertainment industry, such as a magnetometer, compass, toy, etc.

This is a cool ferrofluid dancing lamp that can be used for relaxation or as an awesome gift for friends. It is made of ABS plastic, and the ferrofluid inside can be changed with various colors, making this cool ferrofluid dancing lamp a very useful gift for your kids and even yourself.

You can put the ferrofluid inside and watch it dance to the rhythm of the music, or put the ferrofluid under the speaker and the lamp will dance to the rhythm of the music.

The ferrofluid in the lamp lasts up to 8 hours, and is powered by a built-in battery. The lamp can also be placed on the table surface and placed next to the speaker.

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