How To Connect MyQ To Google Home Video?

You may be wondering if you can link MyQ garage opener to Google Home so that you can ask Google to open and close your garage door. The video from AllTechGadgets below will show you how you can accomplish this task.

The video will start setup MyQ and pair between MyQ hub and door sensor, if you already done this you can directly go to 9:50 to start linking MyQ to Google Home.

Below is the full transcript of the video:

in this video I’m going to show you guys

how to set up and install the mic you

smart garage hub from Chamberlain to get

notification and control your garage

door from anywhere you can open your

garage door to let the UPS guys the

FedEx guy and the Amazon package to be

delivered into your garage instead of

leave it outside to where people can

steal your packages you will get no

vacation if you forget to close your

garage door you can open the garage door

to let your family in if they need

something from your garage it’s very

convenient so I’m gonna do a quick

unboxing and then I’m gonna show you

guys how to set up and install the mic

you smart garage hub so let’s get

started inside of my cue smart garage

hub box you get the Wi-Fi hub Quick

Start Guide warning label

and one door sensor the power adapter

mounting bracket and double-sided tab

sticky pad mounting screws the mic you

smart garage hub are compatible with

garage door opener that are built after

1993 to check the compatibility of your

garage door opener just go to Champlin

com4 slash my q compatibility before we

set up and install the my q garage door

hub go to the Google Play Store the app

store on your mobile devices

to install it the myq app and set up the


after you finished setting up their

account go to the my queue app click on

it and then click on add device then

scroll down and click on my kid smart

garage hub and this is what you need to

do before we set up the mic hero Smart

Hub you need to check the compatibility

on the website go to the garage door

opener in your garage and bring your

phone down make sure you get a good

Wi-Fi signal at least like 2 bar connect

it to your Wi-Fi you need a ladder and

drill with a 5/32 drill bit take your

mobile device with you into your garage

and walk close to the brush to opener

and look at your Wi-Fi signal on your

mobile device see how many bar you have

and it looks like my wife’s eyes signal

is very strong so I’m good to go

before I mount the door sensor and the

Wi-Fi hub I’m going to plug it all in to

make sure everything is connecting

remove the battery tap on the door

sensor just pull it all the way out plug

in the Wi-Fi hub


click on the mic you app click on add

device select my queue smart garage hub

next I already plug the Wi-Fi hub in I’m

gonna click Next

do you see blinking blue light mister

blinking blue light yes now scan the 10

digit serial number located on the back

of the device or you can enter the

serial number manually after you enter

or scan the barcode is going to answer

you join my Wi-Fi network join alright

now select your Wi-Fi network after you

select your Wi-Fi put in the password

for tick connect that to Wi-Fi you have

successfully connect you device to your

Wi-Fi network now let’s connect your

device to the garage door opener click

Next I already put a battery tap out

next test with all sensor push the

release button on the front where the

arrow indicate I see the red LED light

click next next step will pair your door

sensor to your smart garage hub tap next

to begin tap next

press and release the button again don’t

censor now pair to your smart garage hub

click Next now the door sensor and the

Wi-Fi hub are connected will amount the

door sensor and the Wi-Fi hub greggie

Wi-Fi mount and drill it use it to a bit

to mark where you want to drill the hole

so you can insert the plastic anchor to

mount the mount so this is where I’m

going to put it I’m going to use a drill

bit to mark the hole when we’re drill

grab your drill insert a tree bit and

drill out the two hole grab your two

plastic anchor in sit into the hole like

that get a foot a bit putting you to

your drill screws map

you slide a Wi-Fi hub onto the mount

there’s a slot reader just fly right on

pure off the two sticky pad put the

sticky pad onto the back of your door

sensor and mounted your door sensor into

your garage door make sure you put on

the top panel the door sensor is mounted

click Next now make sure you put on the

top panel so we did all that let’s skip

everything here my collage will open and

1/2 the purple color learning bunt

select purple press and release the

learn bunt watch your opening diamonds


no next

now you’re going to name the garage door

opener if you want to if not then you

don’t have to so I’m gonna name it

garage door done so I plugged in I’m not

an Amazon Prime member so maybe later

okay garage doors closed for one minute

now everything’s set to open your garage

door just press on the icon press on the

icon again to close the garage door and

there’s a warning beep sound saying the

garage doors closing up so no one be in

this way

stick the warning label next to your

garage door opener Bund to link the my

case my garage hub to the Google Sisson

so you could voice control your garage

door to open a close first you’re gonna

have to go to your web browser and type

in my Q services

now go to my queue

log into your my Keo account once you

log into my keeo account go down and

click on app subscription and select the

service you want to add to link click on

connect my queue to Google home

I am already subscribed to my queue

service right now they have a limited

time offer for a free subscription if

you subscribe at this time but if at the

time that you try to link your mic you

garage-door hub to the Google assistant

you might have to pay for the plan for

the subscription you click on plan and

as either you pay $1 a month or $10 for

the whole year once you select your plan

you go back to the my queue app after

you’re done signing up for the my queue

silver’s subscription go to the my Q app

click on the app on the top left corner

click on settings scroll down and select

work with my Q and then click on Google

sistent if you don’t already have the

app click on get app to install the app

and open up the app to link the mic you

smart garage hub to Google system that’s

simple hey Google asked my cue

to close the garage door

getting my cue I’ll work on that

EBI have any comments any questions on

how to set up or install the mic you

smart garage hub dropping in comment

section down below I will get back to

you as soon as I can thank you for

watching I’ll see you guys in the next


I hope after you watched the video above you can use your Google Home to open your garage via MyQ garage opener.
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