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The Breville Radio company was established in Australia in 1932 and originally produced only radios. The name, Breville, was a combination of the surnames of the co-founders, Bill O’Brien and Harry Norville. During World War Two the company aided the war effort by manufacturing mine detectors. After the war, the radio business continued until one of the founders, Bill O’Brien, sensed a change coming in the shape of television and the radio business was sold, turning his attention to the world of small appliances.

Bill O’Brien led Breville until 1968 when he resigned his position as managing director and his son John O’Brien, took over. Under John’s leadership the Breville Research and Development Centre was founded and Breville flourished.

Breville has always been a major innovator and has led the way with many technical advances. During the 1970s, Breville produced the scissor-action sandwich toaster and the Kitchen Whiz food processor which revolutionised Australian kitchens – the sandwich toaster became one of the most successful product launches ever when it reached about 10{5219e08221035c7dcda851332c1e295d5ea829d8c197bb3f94fd130872051351} of Australian households in its first year of production, with an astounding 400,000 sales.

Breville has always used feedback from its customers to help improve its products and to introduce new appliances. Their success has not been limited to Australia with numerous overseas offices and awards to match. Breville now operates in over thirty countries, including the USA.

Breville was acquired by Housewares International who have continued to uphold Brevilles long-established standards. Breville today has an extensive product catalogue and its products can be found on shelves of electrical stores around the world. The company still holds true to its original values and always seeks to give its customers a satisfying experience.

Breville’s ikon range of products is a good sample of their current range. The ikon range includes blenders, toasters, a top-rated juicer and a cordless kettle. Of course, Breville has a far more extensive product range but this sub-range showcases some great looking, quality products all with truly useful features and benefits. From the moment you pick an appliance up the quality is evident. These are most definitely not appliances with that “planned obsolescence” feel.

Breville still has the same commitment to quality and customer which helped it establish and maintain a great position in the market for over seventy-eight years. Innovation and high standards will help keep Breville at the forefront for a long time to come.

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