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The Unique Desk Organizers to Keep Your Workspace Neat and Tidy

A neat workspace will certainly make your mood better and make you more productive. One of the things that must be present in your workspace is unique desk organizers. Having a desk organizer will make it easier for you to place items according to their respective uses and places.

Apart from improving your mood, of course, a neat workspace will also make you more comfortable space while working. Especially for those of you who work from home, having a neat workspace is a must. Because then, you can reduce the distractions around you.

How to Tidy up Workspace

Maybe for some people tidying up the workspace or desk is a tiring and confusing job. Because in the workspace there are usually a lot of things, so you will feel confused about which corner to start tidying up.

After knowing the various benefits that you will get from tidying up your workplace, then get rid of your laziness. So that you don’t get confused in tidying up your workspace, you can follow some tips on tidying up your workspace below:

1. Clear the Workspace

The first step you can take to tidy up your workspace is to empty your workspace first. Remove all items that are on your desk and workspace.

Then, clean your space and desk from dust and other debris. Don’t forget to clean all your work tools, because it’s unusual for work tools to get dust and get dirty.

After everything has been cleaned, put all your stuff back into the workspace, and if necessary, you can change the position of your workspace so you can get a new and fresh work atmosphere.

2. Tidy Up Things

When starting to arrange items in your workspace or desk, don’t forget to group these items according to their type and use. This process of course will take quite a lot of time, because you have to carefully select and sort these items.

But from this you will know which items you use frequently, rarely use, or even never use. So that the items you have sorted are tidier, use unique desk organizers so that when you are going to use these items they are easier to find.

3. Discard Unused Items

When tidying up and sorting things previously, surely you will find some things that you don’t use anymore and don’t need anymore. Usually these items will often make your work space look cluttered.

Choose items carefully, and if these items are no longer used, throw them away, so that your work space becomes tidier and doesn’t feel crowded with useless items.

4. Tidy Up Work

Even though currently all work files are in digital form, there are definitely several other work files that are in sheet form and need to be tidied up. Choose some files and work documents that are still in use, and don’t let them scatter on your desk or workspace.

To tidy it up you can use a folder and put the files and documents into the folder according to their respective groups. Don’t forget to attach a label to each folder, so that when you need certain files or documents you can find them more easily.

So that these folders can be stored neatly, you can add a drawer in your workspace. Or you can also use unique desk organizers to store folders of files and documents, as well as your work notebooks.

5. Place Decorations and Personal Items

So that the atmosphere of your work space seems more comfortable, you can add some displays on the walls or your desk. You can add photos, clocks, or maybe plants to beautify the room.

Apart from decoration, sometimes you also need to bring personal items to your work space such as wallets, car keys, mirrors, and so on. So that these personal items do not interfere with your productivity at work, prepare a unique desk organizer at your desk that fits all your personal items.

6. Document Digitization

So that your workspace is not filled with various kinds of files, documents, or work notes, you can start digitizing these documents. In addition to making your work space tidier, your work documents will be safer and minimize damage.

Unique Desk Organizers Recommendation and Tips

After knowing how to tidy up your space and work desk, now you must be looking for recommendations for multifunctional desk organizers for you to put on your desk or work space. The hope is that by placing these items your work space can look tidier and also aesthetic.

For those who are looking for a desk organizer for their work space, here are some recommendations we can provide:

1. Desk Organizer

You can look for various types of desk organizers in online shops or in stationery stores. Usually this desk organizer will have several compartments that you can adjust to your needs. Some can be used to store pens, pencils, calculators, notebooks, and other work tools.

unique desk organizers4

Check out the unique desk organizer here.

2. Wall Organizer

If you need a place that can accommodate more items, use a wall organizer in your workspace. With its unique shape and being able to stick to the wall, this wall organizer can be used as a storage tool as well as a beautiful decoration for your work space.

Wall organizer also has various sizes that can be divided into several compartments. Choose a wall organizer that suits your needs. Or if you are still confused about how to put any objects in a wall organizer, you can choose a wall organizer with compartments that you can adjust by yourself.

unique wall organizers

Check out the unique wall organizer here.

3. Shelf, Drawer, or Cupboard for Documents

Some of you may still work on hard file documents. So that your work space is protected from scattered documents and looks tidier, place shelves, drawers or cupboards to store these documents.

Before entering documents in that place, don’t forget to separate each work document based on its group on the folder. Don’t forget to attach a label to the folder to make it easier to find.

unique shelf drawer

Check out the unique shelf and drawer here.


Above are some tips on how to tidy up your desk and workspace as well as some recommendations for unique desk organizers that you can use to organize your workspace. Hopefully, the information above is useful, happy tidying up your workspace!

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