What are the Pros and Cons of a Smart Thermostat

What are the Pros and Cons of a Smart Thermostat?

Technology cannot be separated from the Smart Home concept. With this technology, we can stay at home comfortably and can make things easier. One of them is the use of a smart thermostat that can help us to save energy.

A smart thermostat is a technology that allows us to automatically control the temperature of our homes during winter and summer. This technology will adjust the ideal house temperature that we have set during installation.

A smart thermostat is one of the devices that must be connected to your smartphone. Because with this technology, you can regulate the temperature of your home when you are not at home.

This is what helps you to save energy and costs. The use of a smart thermostat will automatically regulate the temperature in your home before you go home. So you can rest at home comfortably.

What Are The Pros Of The Smart Thermostat?

The existence of advanced technology certainly makes things easier. With a smart thermostat, here are some of the advantages we get:

  • Save Money

When your bill swells in winter or summer because you overuse cooling and heating, of course, this will lead to wastage.

With a smart thermostat, you can save more money because it can save electricity by up to 10%. Buying a smart thermostat is expensive, but you will feel cost-effective when you use it.

  • Easy to use

When you are not at home, the smart thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature in your home. In addition, the humidity level in your home will also be regulated.

The smart thermostat will also regulate the temperature of your home in a certain room, a place where you spend a lot of time. This technology can use voice assistant commands and applications on your smartphone.

  • Set and Forget

A smart thermostat can detect when you come home and leave the house. This you can get when you set up at the beginning of the installation.

After that, the smart thermostat will adjust and learn your behavior. This is what makes a smart thermostat able to provide a comfortable room temperature when you go home.

What Are The Cons Of Smart Thermostats?

Apart from the pros of course there are some cons to using a smart thermostat, here are things you need to know:

  • Complicated Installation

Many cables that you will attach to the smart thermostat. If you do not understand electrical installation, then you need professional services.

You also have to prepare a variety of modern equipment that supports the use of a smart thermostat in your home.

  • Can Be More Expensive

The price of a smart thermostat can be more expensive and you can pay more than $200 for a smart thermostat installation. Moreover, you also have to pay other additional fees applied by the service provider.

  • Your Residents

When you are in the house a lot, of course, the smart thermostat will work more and make adjustments. The ability of the smart thermostat cannot detect pets and will only see them as residents of your home.

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