What Does a Smart Camera Do?

What Does a Smart Camera Do?

Home security cameras are mandatory to keep an eye on our homes. Especially when we are often not at home, it is very important to monitor the conditions in our homes.

Security cameras are divided into two, namely wireless and wired. Wireless cameras are often referred to as smart cameras which are currently widely used in smart homes.

Smart security cameras have the same function as regular security cameras, namely monitoring home security with more sophisticated features. Smart cameras are connected to the internet which can help you monitor the condition of your home with just a smartphone.

Smart cameras can record 24/7 or CVR. This security camera can detect motion and provide alerts on your smartphone. So the existence of this smart camera is very helpful in monitoring the security of your home, especially when you are away.

How Do Smart Security Cameras Work?

Smart cameras work with wifi networks that directly send videos to your smartphone or can use cloud storage. This smart security camera is usually integrated with smart home applications such as Google Assistant, Smart Lighting, Amazon Alexa, and others.

The way this smart camera works is the same as a security camera in general. The difference is that the video recorded by the smart camera can be sent directly to your smartphone.

You can also use the cloud feature to store video recordings 24/7. One of the superior features of the smart security camera is the communication and face detection feature.

The communication feature in the smart camera is two-way communication. You can give voice commands using the smart home app. Smart cameras will be supported by smart speakers that allow your voice to come out of this smart camera.

This way you can keep an eye on your home while communicating. In addition, the face detection feature on the smart camera is also very beneficial.

Because you can use a smart camera to alert suspicious people. You can get this just by connecting the smart camera to your wifi.

You can use the smart home application to view recorded videos from your home smart camera.

What Are The Advantages Of A Smart Camera?

After knowing how smart cameras work, here are some of the benefits you will get:

  • 24/7 Security System

Smart cameras are equipped with batteries that can be lit 24/7. This wireless camera can be placed anywhere, even in blind spots to avoid other people.

Smart cameras are capable of recording 24/7 and are automatically stored in the cloud.

  • Two Way Communication

You can talk using smart home applications such as Google Assistant to give commands to smart cameras that are equipped with speakers.

  • Remote Monitoring

The use of smart security cameras helps you carry out surveillance remotely. You only need to monitor the smart home application that is connected to your smart camera to keep an eye on your home.

You can watch recorded videos anytime and in real-time. This is what makes smart cameras one of the devices that support modern security systems that must be in your home.

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