What is a Smart Security Camera?

What is a Smart Security Camera?

Technology evolution makes many smart devices that can be used in the future. Starting from smartphones, smart TVs, Smart Home, smartwatches, and even smart cameras.

Smart security cameras are one form of advanced technology used in smart homes. Smart cameras generally work to keep an eye on your home from burglars.

There are two types of security cameras, namely wireless and wired cameras. Smart cameras are wireless cameras that are directly connected to your home wifi network.

This device supports recording images and saving images. But not only that, smart cameras have features that allow you to monitor the condition of your home from anywhere.

A smart security camera uses Wifi network to record and send video to your smartphone. In addition, this smart camera has a special cloud that you can access to watch videos that have been recorded.

This smart camera is easy to install. Because you don’t need to connect a lot of cables. Just connect a wifi network and support it with smart home apps that support voice command systems like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Do Smart Cameras Need Wi-Fi?

A smart security camera can work only by using wifi. The main key to using a smart camera is to connect it to your home wifi network.

No matter how good the smart camera feature is, it will work if there is a wifi network. Because smart cameras can directly send recorded videos to your smartphone.

Wifi is an important key in running the smart camera feature. Starting from the two-way audio features, resolution, warning alarms and others require a wifi network.

Smart cameras can be placed anywhere, even in blind spots. Because many robbers can easily find the position of the surveillance camera. This is what can make your house entered by robbers because they put the security camera wrong.

But with a smart camera, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because the smart camera can detect suspicious movements and immediately send a warning alarm to your smartphone through the smart home application you have.

In this way, you can do real-time monitoring at your home via a smartphone. Here are some recommendations for smart security cameras that you can choose:

  • Nest Camera

One of the smart cameras that can be placed outdoor or indoors is the Nest Camera. The resulting video resolution reaches 1080p and supports local storage.

With this smart camera, you can view footage with night vision. In addition, you can also get alerts when there are suspicious movements.

  • Wyze Cam V3

This smart camera is supported with high video resolution and can use smart home applications such as Google Assistant or Alexa. This device supports two-way audio and is equipped with a smart speaker that allows your voice to be heard from the camera.

  • Outdoor Blink

This special outdoor smart camera is capable of producing videos with HDR and supports the Alexa smart home application. The device supports two-way audio which allows you to communicate via applications that support voice commands.

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