What is Required for Smart Lighting

What is Required for Smart Lighting?

The smart home is a future dream house with AI technology that can facilitate all activities with just one command, one of which is smart lighting. Smart lighting technology is now widely used in homes because of its energy efficiency, time, and convenience.

The smart lighting system uses a wifi network that allows you to operate it using the application on your smartphone. You can even customize the color of the light bulb to your liking.

Smart lighting can be set to schedule lights to turn on and off at certain times. So this method is very helpful for you when traveling long distances and having to leave the house within a certain time.

You can turn on the light or turn it off with just the app on your smartphone. Smart lighting also allows you to use your voice to operate it.

You can tell the system when you want to sleep and the lights automatically turn off when you enter the room. The system used by smart lighting uses voice applications for smart homes such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

What Do I Need To Install Smart Lights?

There are lots of smart lighting brands that you can use, such as Crompton Smart, Philips Hue, and OSRAM Lightify that can be connected to smart home system applications.

You can use voice commands to operate the smart lighting system in your home. The things you need to install smart lighting are Bluetooth, Wifi, and voice command support applications such as Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.

With this application, you can adjust the lighting only by sound or use the application when you are not at home.

How Do You Set Up Smart Lights?

Each brand of smart light has a different setup, but in general, the installation and use are the same. Here are some ways to set up smart lights in your home:

  • Wi-Fi

Wifi is an important key in controlling the smart lighting system. Because smart lights can connect and respond to your commands with the wifi network that is used.

You have to consider the bandwidth your wifi has. Because more and more devices are connected, the wifi network can weaken and affect the response of smart lights.

  • Choose Full Features

Smart lights have many features that you can use such as changing the color of the lights and using the GPS location on your smartphone. If the GPS is connected, then when you enter the house the lights will automatically turn on and off when you leave the house.

  • Use the Smart Home App

You need to install the smart home application to operate the smart lighting system with sound. Install and connect with the smart lamp via Bluetooth.

What Is The Need Of Smart Lighting System?

It can be concluded that several important things needed in a smart lighting system are Wifi connection, Smart home application, Bluetooth, and Smartphone. You can directly install smart lights by connecting them to an application on your smartphone.

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