Which Smart Light System For The Home Is Best

Which Smart Light System For The Home Is Best?

A smart light system is a smart home light system that is synchronized with the smart home system, able to easily control the lighting for the home, automated light control, and many more features and the use of smart lighting. If you have a smart home system, probably you have already heard about the smart light system, and even use one at your home. 

There are many benefits and use of the smart light system at home. Not only it is much more efficient energy for the light bulb, better long-lasting light bulbs, easy to control dim lighting, and so on. To get the best out of value for your smart lighting system, you also need to consider the use and features you want to get from the smart lighting system.

Which Smart Light System Is The Best?

Smart lighting is one of the most commonly used smart home gadgets since it gives so much value over time, and has convenient lighting while also providing more efficient energy use per light bulb. Smart lights can be easily lighted, controlled, and automated through applications such as Alexa and Google smart home, or any of your smart home apps.

Whether voice commands or using smartphone devices, you can control your smart light system easily with your device. 

There are also several smart light bulbs you can choose from in the market. Most of them are quite affordable options, and you can build your entire smart lighting system without worrying about costs. A single smart light bulb would cost you around $10 – $15, the outdoor light bulb would cost around $35, and all of them have a long-lasting lifetime and more efficient energy use.

Here are the top smart lighting systems that you can get in the market:

Wyze Bulb – It is one of the cheapest smart bulbs you can find, but even though it is affordable, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t support a variety of features. It has efficient energy use and can support multiple smart home apps and devices, such as Google Home assistant, or Amazon Alexa.

Philips Hue Floodlight LED – It is a smart LED floodlight, a classic with A-shaped smart light bulb. It is a pretty nice addition to a series of Philips hue smart bulbs. It is quite popular for many homeowners who are looking for a floodlight for their kitchen, or living room. It also supports a variety of smart home apps and can be connected via Bluetooth and Z-wave.

Lifx Z Light Strip – It is color changing light strip that can be controlled via smart home devices. It doesn’t come cheap, but provides a very nice touch of style, and lighting in your home. 

Lutron Caseta Dimmer Switch – In case you would need a dimmer switch for a smart home, this is what you would need. For the hardwired lamps, it can control multiple smart bulbs, and even have a function to control how dim or how light you want.  These are sine notable smart lighting systems you can get in the market. If you want to know more about smart home appliances, devices, and gadgets, make sure to follow us on our official website. 

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