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XASLA Heavy Duty Forced Air Boot Dryer

Say goodbye to damp and smelly shoes and garments with the XASLA Heavy Duty Forced Air Boot Dryer. This upgraded boot dryer utilizes a forced warm air system that can dry most garments in just 60 minutes. The warm air is gentle and will never cause any over-drying or shrinkage, making it safe for all types of materials.

easy to use

This boot and glove dryer works ultra-quietly, gently blowing warm air to effectively dry your footwear and garments overnight. You can dry more garments simultaneously with the 4 retractable dryers that can help to dry 2 pairs of footwears at once. There are also 2 smaller front dryers designed for gloves, socks, or kids shoes.

heavy duty

The XASLA Heavy Duty Forced Air Boot Dryer also helps to eliminate moisture, sweat, and odor, keeping your footwear fresh and stink-free. It can dry damp garments in 1 hour and wet garments in 3 hours. With a 180-minute timer, you can set different drying times for different garments to prevent overheating and damage to accessories.

compact and portable

This boot dryer is heavy-duty, durable, and completely safe to use. It will not shrink, warp, or otherwise harm delicate garments. The extendable tubes can fit all types of winter boots, work boots, rain boots, tennis shoes, ski boot liners, gloves, and hats. The compact design and concave carrying handle make it easy to store and travel with.

forced warm air system

The XASLA Heavy Duty Forced Air Boot Dryer also features cord management and a separated heat switch that allows you to set the heat or no heat based on your needs. This boot dryer is perfect for athletes, explorers, adventurers, outdoor workers, and underwater workers. It’s also a perfect gift idea for family, husbands, and wives.

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